10 construction trends that will affect equipment rental opportunities

Although the construction wheel will continue to spin at a decent clip throughout 2017, industry watchers cite uncertainty looms over the industry.

Emily Peiffer, in a recent edition of Construction Dive, cites 10 topics that will affect the construction industry in 2017, and many of them will affect rental equipment opportunities.

Here are the top 10 trends to watch in 2017:
1. Collaborative project delivery methods will become more popular.
2. The labor shortage will continue to plague the industry.
3. A feeling of uncertainty will linger under the new administration.
4. Offsite/modular construction will gain a stronger foothold in the market.
5. Construction firms are cautiously optimistic for a future boost in infrastructure spending.
6. IoT holds the potential to revolutionize the job site.
7. Construction costs will rise due to materials and labor.
8. VR/AR tech will pick up steam.
9. The sustainable construction movement will consider changing its message.
10. Construction firms will face increased scrutiny and prosecution of safety and fraud incidents.

It remains to be seen how these trends will affect contractor equiment rentals, but signal opportunities to build new revenue streams and services that help contractors operate more efficiently.

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